Pavilion Paradise Homes


The Pavilion is a stand alone building module that attaches seamlessly to your existing home via a standard link or an indoor outdoor “Sala”. The magic of the Pavilion is how it can be used to create brand new space without being compromised by the existing house.

You can draw on the capacity of the Pavilion to create anything from a whole new living space, to a bedroom, ensuite, bathroom, laundry or all the above combined.

We will carefully guide you through the design and build of your Pavilion taking in account that each and every Pavilion is tailored specifically to you in alignment with the temperate Brisbane climate and indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Incredibly affordable when compared to renovating, the Pavilion has many advantages. Where an extension or renovation may be outside of your budget, a Pavilion can easily step in and do the job.

Getting Started

Where do I start? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What will it look like? These questions are often asked and tough to answer by a single profession. Servicing our clients from design to build, our team holds the breadth of knowledge required to address every one of your queries.

Concept: Together we will explore the possibilities and generate a concept that will carry forward into the detailed design stage.

Pricing: Developed drawings and a detailed specification will give you a full understanding of exactly what is included at a fixed price.

Order: Experienced consultants assist with lighting layouts, interior design and colour selections. We will be compiling your contract documents, co-ordinating engineering, specification and working drawings.

Contract: Once your contract documents are signed, we will submit your building application. With building and finance approvals in place we will schedule the commencement of construction!

Construction: Your home physically begins to take shape and we welcome your visits to the site.

Handover: As you move in and begin to enjoy your new home, we look forward to maintaining open communication. Our goal is to build you a great home and establish a long-term relationship that can rely upon whenever you build.