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Custom Built Homes

Our New Homes are built to suit contemporary living in South East Queensland. With a strong focus on achieving the most your block has to offer, each home is individually constructed to suit your land, the climate and your special requirements.

We are proud of our long history working with designers and architects from across our region, having built a reputation over time for having what it takes to bring your dreams to life, even on difficult, awkward-shaped and sloping blocks. Paradise Homes is driven by the desire to ensure your new home accentuates the Brisbane lifestyle, creating an amazing space you and your family will love for years to come.

A custom built home in South East Queensland would not be complete without paying particular attention to the relationship between indoor/outdoor living. Seamlessly merging the indoors with an outdoor room extends both spaces visually and functionally, making full use of the whole block. In addition, thoughtful evaluation of the property is needed to develop passive solar principles that increase energy efficiency.

Site visits are coordinated with your own Supervisor ensuring that you receive hands-on, personalised support throughout the build. Our tailored, comprehensive checklist is used during regular inspections throughout each stage to ensure the highest standards are met and the quality of your home meets every expectation.

Our internal working relationships ensure that every facet of the design and build process you experience with us is an enjoyable one, and each stage is something to look forward to. Paradise Homes have become known as the home builders Brisbane area residents can count on to deliver outstanding results.

Getting Started

Where do I start? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What will it look like? These questions are often asked and tough to answer by a single profession. Servicing our clients from design to build, our team holds the breadth of knowledge required to address every one of your queries.

Concept: Together we will explore the possibilities and generate a concept that will carry forward into the detailed design stage.

Pricing: Developed drawings and a detailed specification will give you a full understanding of exactly what is included at a fixed price.

Order: Experienced consultants assist with lighting layouts, interior design and colour selections. We will be compiling your contract documents, co-ordinating engineering, specification and working drawings.

Contract: Once your contract documents are signed, we will submit your building application. With building and finance approvals in place we will schedule the commencement of construction!

Construction: Your home physically begins to take shape and we welcome your visits to the site.

Handover: As you move in and begin to enjoy your new home, we look forward to maintaining open communication. Our goal is to build you a great home and establish a long-term relationship that can rely upon whenever you build.