Over the years we’ve developed a methodology of working and broken it down into a process with clearly defined stages that we’ve found deliver the expected results to you, our customer on time, on budget and to a standard that exceeds expectations.


This brainstorming stage of our process explores your thoughts and ideas, the feel and expectations desired in your new home. We present to you the instilled concepts realised in all our homes. We also present a broad estimation of the costs involved for your home. Together we will explore the possibilities and generate a concept that will carry forward into the detailed design stage.


This stage begins to bring your expectations into reality. Details and ideas begin to become clearer and your design begins to take shape. Developed drawings and a detailed specification will give you a full understanding of exactly what is included at a fixed price. This enables you to proceed confidently to Ordering your home.


With your design finalised you are now ready to choose your colours, materials and details. Experienced consultants assist with lighting layouts, interior design and colour selections. We will be compiling your contract documents, co-ordinating engineering, specification and working drawings.


The design and all the details have been fully resolved and we are now ready to sign a building contact. Once your contract documents are signed, we will submit your building application. With building and finance approvals in place we will schedule the commencement of construction!


Your home physically begins to take shape and we welcome your visits to the site. Site visits will be co-ordinated with your own Supervisor. A Comprehensive Checklist is used during regular inspections throughout each stage of the Project, ensuring the quality of your home meets every expectation. Prior to Handover our Homeowner Orientation explains the warranty programs. This orientation confirms that we have delivered your home to the quality as expected.


As you move in and begin to enjoy your new home, we look forward to maintaining open communication. Our goal is to build you a great home and establish a long-term relationship that can rely upon whenever you build.