About us

Paradise Homes have been reinterpreting the contemporary Queenslander and creating a quality benchmark since 1972. The process of design and building a home is extremely complicated, so over these years we have been refining our systems to ensure a seamless process from concept through to completion. Whether a novice or experienced client, we give you peace of mind by guiding you through the complete process to a beautifully detailed home.

Our New Homes, Remodels and Pavilions are individually designed and built for comfortable living in Southeast Queensland. The indoor/outdoor space relationship is paramount to the success of each home, with the Sala (Thai for outdoor covered room) being the cornerstone of Paradise Homes since 1972.

Paradise Homes have a carefully managed design and construction process for each individual New Home, Remodel or Pavilion. As we have been designing and building for over 40 years, we will guide you through the best solution given your specific circumstance.

We take into consideration your brief, your site and your budget to hone the ideal solution for you while ensuring that you are an integral part of the design and building process.

The greatest reward for Paradise Homes is that you love your finished home as much as we do and would recommend us to your family and friends.

The difference

Where do I start? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What will it look like? These are often questions asked and tough to answer by a single profession. We design and build therefore can answer all these questions.

Design and costs? We talk about feasibility in the first meeting to ensure that no time is wasted. All through the design process, the estimators and builders help to refine the real costs and ensure we stay on target.

Time? It could be as little as 3 months or as long as 12. In the end, we want to ensure that the project takes no longer than required … but long enough to ensure that the finished home is one we’re all proud of.

Look? We use 3D models as early as practical. This ensures that you can visualise what we’re imagined. These tools also help us design, while raising questions that would normally occur on site. We have a fixed price contract and we want to ensure all costs questions are answered prior to construction.

In essence, our difference is our small in-house design, estimation and construction team. We deliver carefully considered designed and built solutions that you can be intimately and passionately involved in.

The team

We pride ourselves on having a small integrated team that includes you. We work with you and guide you to reimagine the way you might live.

Joe Grauches – Owner and Construction Manager. Joe has been an integral part of Paradise since the early nineties, starting as a building supervisor and then moving into management. Joe soon realised the strength and integrity of the company and brought in. Joe is always keen to have a hands-on approach and has often been criticised for being too particular. Joe prides himself on each and every project setting a mark of quality that defines Paradise Homes.

Anthony Jaensch – Design and Sales. Having studied Architecture, Anthony guides you through your project from the initial meeting to handing over to the construction team. Anthony navigates you through the often confusing world of design and building. He considers all your needs, and he will deliver a cohesive design that works for you, your budget and site. He is an accredited HIA Greensmart professional.

Christopher Johnson – Building Supervisor. Chris Johnson has worked with Paradise Homes for over the last eight years as a Leading Hand Carpenter, leading a team of Carpenters for our building projects. He has now moved to the next stage of his career in joining our team to manage the everyday running of our building projects from start to finish, under the watchful eye of Joe Grauches.

Kerry Grauches – Administration and Accounts. Kerry is a key team member controlling the day to day running of the company ensuring that the company runs like a well-oiled machine.